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childbirth concerns and how hypnobirthing can help

Beyond Childbirth Concerns: Transform Your Birth Experience with Hypnobirthing

Nurturing Pregnancy: Addressing Childbirth Concerns with Hypnobirthing In the beautiful journey of pregnancy, expectant couples often find themselves navigating a sea of concerns, from ensuring ...
positive birth story

#1 Positive Birth Story

As a teacher ( hello ), I am always grateful and truly inspired when our expectant mums and their birth partners are willing and commit to ...
I offer access bars purley croydon

Postnatal depression

How to tell if you have postnatal depression Postnatal depression (PND) affects many new mums and yet no one seems to want to talk about ...

Feeling Nervous About Childbirth?

Feeling nervous about childbirth? Will the pain be too much? I’m not going to lie to you: Childbirth is not pain-free. However, fearing the pain ...
benefits birthing ball during labour

Birthing Ball during Labour: Unlocking Success Birthing Ball Advantage

The Power of a Birthing Ball During Labour: A Guide for Expectant Mothers Let's explore the advantages of incorporating a birthing ball during pregnancy and ...
positive birth affirmations

Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive Birth Affirmations (a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth) have helped many women make both pregnancy and birth more calm and confident. ...
breathe during labour

Breathe during Labour: Essential tips to Prepare for Birth

Learning how to breathe during labour correctly can help you stay calm and focused during labour and prevent unhealthy breathing, such as hyperventilation (breathing too ...
couple with baby hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Videos

Have you been wondering what hypnobirthing is all about? Would you like to see these amazing techniques in action? Are you (or your partner) sceptical ...
no fear birth

NO FEAR birth

Have you been "programmed" into believing that childbirth equals pain? What happens when you think of something unpleasant or recall a painful experience? You probably ...

Feeling Anxious about Childbirth?

i offer access bars pregnancy purley

Access Bars® can assist you in releasing the build-up of fear and anxiety that can often occur during pregnancy. Each Bars session clears the emotional overwhelm allowing a sense of peace and calm in your mind and body. Highly recommended during pregnancy as this will dissipate the build-up of thoughts, feelings and emotions about childbirth.

In addition, other benefits include feeling happier, a dramatic reduction in stress, a greater sense of peace and improved confidence. Especially relevant is the contribution to your baby being less programmed and more conscious.


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