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Pregnancy Yoga FAQ

"Birthing your Baby in a calm and relaxed way."

You can begin pregnancy yoga anytime from 14 weeks.

No, you do not need to have practiced yoga before.

Students with any existing medical condition (knee pain, neck pain, high blood pressure etc) should consult their doctor before enrolling. If you have a health problem, come 5 minutes early to discuss this before class. If your baby is in an unusual position, please inform me.

You should wear comfortable loose clothing that allows you to move freely and bring a bottle of water.

Pregnancy yoga classes are designed to help you throughout pregnancy to enjoy a state of wellbeing and to prepare you for birth. Yoga during pregnancy is modified and safe. You will learn how to work with your body to get the maximum benefit from each yoga pose.

Most women can practice up to the last week of their pregnancy.

Your birthing partner plays such an important role you can attend the Birth Prep Workshop as a couple where you can practice birthing techniques together and learn how your partner can best support you during pregnancy and childbirth.

Check what mums say about this class by reading the testimonials and birth stories.

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