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Hypnobirthing Course

Hypnobirthing Course: Practice for a confident and easier birth

Many mums-to-be are now referred to hypnobirthing by midwives because they have seen its successful results.

About this course

What sets this course apart is its focus on providing lots of practice needed to create your desired birth. Throughout the course, you'll receive a wealth of empowering information and education presented in a highly practical manner. Through the power of practice, you acquire the skills necessary for a positive childbirth experience.

We will explore different components of hypnobirthing, shedding light on the 'what' and 'why' behind each practice. Together, we'll establish a practice routine that you can easily continue at home. You will be guided through various techniques to work with your body, preparing you for any birth scenario that may arise.

This will empower you, giving you confidence and control as you navigate interactions with health professionals.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to make contact to arrange a conversation.

Your positive birth experience awaits – let's embark on it together!

hypnobirthing course

The Hypnobirthing Course: Creating a Positive Birth Experience

All births are different and although you can’t predict the outcome of your child’s birth, you can prepare yourself for whatever path birth takes. On this KG Hypnobirthing course, you will learn how to gain the confidence to make decisions about your pregnancy and birth.

What’s covered in the Course?

  1. Breathing exercises to promote oxytocin and endorphins (your natural pain relief)
  2. Deep relaxations and Visualisations to stay calm and confident
  3. Movements and Positions that you can use help your baby to progress and for comfort
  4. Very effective practice for releasing fear and building confidence
  5. Comforting massage and pressure points for your partner to support you
  6. How a confident partner can be your powerful protector and support
  7. How your body is designed to give birth with efficiency and comfort
  8. Knowledge and information about the whole process that often you don't get told
  9. How ‘the system’ that you find yourself in works, and how to work with it to achieve the best result for you
  10. A simple practice regime to support you at home
  11. Understanding how the mind and body work together and how you can make that work for you.

Hypnobirthing: A Holistic Approach to Childbirth

Top 10 Reasons to Join!

  1. You are likely to experience a more comfortable and sometimes pain-free birth.
  2. You learn techniques to manage stress that you can use well beyond pregnancy and birth.
  3. You will learn how to shift focus away from fear and anxiety that are often associated with childbirth.
  4. You both feel more informed, empowered and in control.
  5. You will have an increased sense of confidence during labour and childbirth, reducing anxiety and lowering your perception of pain.
  6. Your baby will arrive in a calm and relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you as nature intended.
  7. The length of labour is often much shorter with Hypnobirthing births.
  8. Less drugs and medical intervention are used in Hypnobirthing births allowing your baby to develop naturally and easily after they arrive.
  9. Mums often bounce back quicker after a Hypnobirthing birth as the physical impact of giving birth is reduced.
  10. Your birth partner will learn how to support you and, as a result, have a central and active role in the birth, which will be a truly shared and loving experience.

"A stress free, empowering birth, without fear and tension"

Who is this Hypnobirthing course suitable for?

This hypnobirthing course is suitable for first-time mums and mums who have given birth before.

These practical methods help women who are scared of birth because they’ve never done it before. It is ideal for women who are anxious because of a bad experience last time or who want a calmer, more comfortable, more natural birth experience.

If you’re pregnant and looking for an alternative to the over-medicalised, pain-is-inevitable mindset, then this course is for you.

The size of the groups vary, it’s lovely to do Hypnobirthing in a group because you can meet other expectant couples, exchange ideas, and learn from their questions. The groups are kept small enough to be personal, and large enough to be friendly.

When should I start?

You can learn any time before you go into labour; months 6 or 7 of your pregnancy are popular.

What’s included in the course?

  1. Comprehensive manual with information, tips, relaxation scripts and home practice guidance.
  2. The KG Hypnobirthing Relaxation Colour & Calmness MP3.
  3. Calm Birth Affirmations MP3.
  4. Movements and stretches to prepare your body.
  5. Effective birth positions.

A stress-free, empowering birth, without fear and tension.

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I'm incredibly grateful and honoured to be an inspiration for everyone who chooses to practice for the birth they want. If you are considering this course, do take a moment to read some of our beautiful Birth Stories.

Hypnobirthing changed my attitude towards the birth of my child dramatically. An event that I was secretly dreading turned into something that I was really looking forward to..”

Hello & Welcome

I'm Jayne Micallef, CDYT & DipHb (KG). I've been empowering expectant mums and couples since 2008.

I first began teaching pregnancy yoga in London Waterloo, combining yoga with proven mind-body hypnobirthing techniques for childbirth. Because hypnobirthing works so well, I decided to start offering the hypnobirthing course to couples locally. I live in Croydon.

This course gives you and your partner knowledge and 'know-how'; most importantly, it empowers you both. It's remarkable how this method affects couples when they dispel the uncertainties and common misconceptions traditionally associated with childbirth; it helps you move away from fear and towards a more natural, calm birth.

I aim to provide you with the information and practice that create an empowering birthing experience. So, if you're looking for a safer, more relaxed, more comfortable birth - you are in the right place!

If you have a question or fancy a chat feel free to contact me.

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