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Fertility and Conception

I offer fertility conception yoga access bars purley croydon

The use of restorative yoga and Access Bars® therapy can support women and men with fertility and conception on the path to pregnancy.

Restorative Yoga

For some women, stress can affect ovulation by altering signals to the hypothalamus. This part of the brain that regulates some of the hormones that trigger the ovaries to release eggs. Overly anxious women may ovulate less regularly. And stress has also been shown to lower sperm counts in men.

When people are stressed there is also evidence that they just do not have sex as much and are more likely to drink and smoke, which are both known to damage fertility.

Just 45 minutes of yoga a week could help women relax and increase their chance of having a baby, scientists have suggested. Calming techniques taught in restorative yoga classes support women and men on the path to pregnancy. Revive your libido, awaken your sexual energy, and prime your reproductive system for fertility and conception.

Yoga-inspired exercises are ideal for both men and women who are thinking about getting pregnant or having trouble conceiving. They focus on three main health benefits: reducing stress, improving circulation and increasing flexibility. All fertility boosters that are key for baby making, not to mention having a comfortable pregnancy and healthy delivery.

If you would like to know more about how restorative yoga with calming techniques for fertility and conception can help or start a restorative yoga practice make contact.

Access Bars®

I offer access bars purley croydonAnother way to reduce stress is with Access Bars®. This gentle touch therapy reduces stress giving a greater sense of inner peace improving sleep, emotional and physical well being. This deeply relaxing technique supports the brain in hormone regulation in women, and can improve sperm counts in men.

Most noteworthy, as a result there is less emotional baggage for baby during pregnancy.

If you would like to know more about how Access Bars can help you with fertility and conception or if you would like to book a session make contact.


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