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Feeling Nervous About Childbirth?

Feeling nervous about childbirth? Will the pain be too much?

I’m not going to lie to you: Childbirth is not pain-free. However, fearing the pain will intensify any pain you feel. It can cause your heart to beat faster, it can make you breathe faster, you become anxious, your blood pressure goes up, and your muscles become tense. All of these reactions can up the pain factor.

The best way to nip your labour pain-fears in bud is to become as educated about the birthing process as you can and go to a class that educates you in childbirth where you get to practice natural techniques to alleviate fear and discomfort. And get to know how to work with your body’s natural pain relief during birth, endorphin's (10 x more powerful than morphine).

Always keep in mind two things. First: This is pain with a positive purpose — that is, to thin and open your cervix and bring your baby into the world. And this pain ends. Second: The pain of childbirth is a pain you don't have to endure you can always request medication if it gets too much.

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