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Hypnobirthing Birth Plan

hypnobirthing birth plan

The following Hypnobirthing birth plan was created by a hypnobirthing midwife; you may find this useful when creating your birth preferences.


I have been practising Hypnobirthing and learning relaxation and breathing techniques. I understand for a woman’s body to release birthing hormones for an efficient and comfortable labour for her and her baby, the birthing environment is very important. To help me have a comfortable and calm birth, I will keep my room dimly lit, quiet voices, minimum disruption, the use of positive words because words have an effect on us physically and emotionally. I am avoiding using words such as fear or pain and instead would prefer powerful and surge instead of contraction. I would really appreciate it if you could use only positive words. For example, “Are your surges becoming more powerful?”

Labour management: Hypnobirthing techniques, pool or bath and gas & air

Would like to avoid: Any medical interventions, being examined unless necessary, being told how far dilated unless it is helpful for me to know, and conversing unless I choose. Being on my back at all, especially for the second stage, continuous monitoring, I am happy with handheld monitoring.

Birth room: I would like to keep the room cosy like home with minimal lighting and play my music. I would like to relax into my space with my partner. I am happy for midwives to quietly come in and out of my room to check on me but would really appreciate low voices.

First Stage:  I would like to relax into my space, rest, move, snack, use my birth ball follow my own lead. I would appreciate calmness and no speaking during my surges.

Transition/ Second

With my hypnobirthing, I have practised “down breathing” technique for the second stage. I do not want to be coached and would just like to follow my body and bear down when the feeling comes with my body and breath. I would appreciate it if the room could remain calm and quiet throughout the second stage right through to the third stage and after my baby is born. I plan on being upright or forward to give birth.

Third Stage: I would appreciate the same calm, dimly lit room as the rest of my birth and have some privacy with my baby to help encourage my body to release the placenta naturally. If after ______, it has not been released by itself, I am then happy to have a managed third stage.

If I leave the pool or bath to birth the placenta, please could I be made really warm, settled and left to relax again so I can help build my surges back up?

Delayed Cord Clamping

When my baby is born, I would like the room to be quiet and calm and give them the chance to find their way to my breast and hear my voice. I do not want the cord cut until it has stopped pulsing or for as long as possible. If, for any reason, my baby needs extra oxygen, then please can you still not cut the cord but give them oxygen attached to me. Unless, of course, there is a medical reason for this, but I would like to discuss that first.

After the Birth: I would really appreciate the above and for my baby to take their time and have our time together undisturbed. I know how important this is for the release of the placenta and to encourage the first feed. I would like to wait until after to weigh and dress my baby.

Vitamin K:   

Thank you very much

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