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Birthing partner tips

What tips would you give a birthing partner?

birthing partner tipsThere’s lots of information in books and on the internet about how your birthing partner can support you during childbirth.

I asked a group women who had given birth in the last 2 to 4 months. What information would you have told your birthing partner in hindsight?

Here’s what they had to say;

 What birthing partner tips would be useful for other couples prior to their birth?

  • Don’t talk during contractions
  • Don’t take anything she say’s personal
  • Be gentle, kind and keep calm
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Don’t talk about food (go for sneaky snacks)
  • Keep it light, maintain a ‘can do’ attitude and sense of humour
  • Consider ‘back up’ for breaks
  • Be involved in creating the birthing plan and be in charge of this during labour
  • Be her champion be prepared to ask and answer questions on her behalf
  • Know what’s packed in what bag
  • Know the breathing techniques she is using and keep her on track even if she has a c-section
  • Know that ‘you can’ ask for the midwife to be changed
If you want to help your partner in supporting you with preparing for a calm, confident and easier experience;
  1. Share these birthing partner tips with anyone who is supporting you during your childbirth.
  2. Consider attending the Hypnobirthing Course to help prepare  you both for a calm, confident and easier experience.

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