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Access Bars Fertility

Access Bars Fertility & Birth

When you are trying for a baby and nothing is working an Access Bars® Fertility session may be just what you need.

Each Access Bars® fertility session is ideal as this can dissipate the build-up of thoughts, feelings and emotions that often occurs when trying for a baby. Each session can;

  • Promote relaxation & hormones for fertility
  • Improve emotional and physical well-being
  • Create a more calm and confident you

The Access bars®can help release the stress and anxiety that can often occur when planning to have a baby. Each session releases the stress and build-up of thoughts, feelings and emotions allowing more peace and calm in your mind and body.

A Bars® session is safe and effective it is ideal for couples to have a refreshed perspective that creates more ease with fertility. The Bars can be used whilst undergoing IVF or as part of your general health and wellbeing when trying to naturally conceive.

Would you like to remove the build-up of stress and anxiety from your mind and body? And create a happy and harmonious environment for your body to conceive?

What happens during a session?

You relax on a massage table, fully clothed, whilst points on your head are gently touched.

We have a short conversation to bring up the energy of what is being created and clear this, its the energetics of your beliefs or points of view that create the blocks. The session will remove these opening you up to a different possibility.

It's very relaxing - you may even fall asleep!

access bars croydon

Access Bars® - East Croydon

75-minute session: £125.00

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