Joyful Body Birth offers classes combining Pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing in Purley (near Tesco) [map]

Birth can be calm, relaxed and enjoyable when you work with your body. Would you like to learn how?

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Pregnancy Yoga Class

This unique Joyful Body Birth class combines Yoga and some Hypnobirthing techniques

what is pregnancy yogaThis weekly yoga class for expectant mums can help you in being more comfortable during the emotional and physical changes that take place during the second and third trimester. Introducing you to some effective hypnobirthing techniques to release fear and build confidence during birth.

You can join us anytime from 20 weeks and practice right up to your birth. You get to be part of a supportive network of pregnant women during this wonderful and exciting time. Read more about this class…

Pre-requisite: No experience necessary to join this class!

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Calm & Confident Birth Workshop

I offer calm birth workshop for couples purleyThis highly recommended Calm & Confident Birth practical workshop teaches effective self-hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques. All designed to calm the mind and show you how to work with your body during birth. These techniques are proven to help release fear and enable you to give birth in the way you are designed to…calmly, naturally.

This 2.5 hour workshop will simplify things as we get straight to what is required to help prepare you for the birth of your baby. Giving your birthing partner a chance to get involved and be there for you. During this workshop you will practice together for a relaxed and positive state of mind. Read more about this workshop…

Pre-requisite: No experience necessary to join this workshop!

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Feeling Nervous About Childbirth?

Release anxiety and fear with the Access Bars

i offer access bars croydon

Access bars® can assist you in releasing the build up of fear and anxiety that can often occur during pregnancy. Each bars session clears the emotional overwhelm allowing a sense of peace and calm in your mind and body. Highly recommended during pregnancy as this will dissipate the build-up of thoughts, feelings and emotions about childbirth.

In addition, other benefits include feeling happier, a dramatic reduction in stress, a greater sense of peace and improved confidence. Especially relevant is the contribution to your baby being less programmed and more conscious.

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i offer access bars croydon

I had the most incredible birth and entirely drug free thanks to the techniques I’d learnt in class. And the practice and confidence we gained in the couples birth prep workshop was invaluable.  My fabulous supportive husband who let me lean on him squeeze his hand and he massaged my back. Even the midwives commented on how good my breathing was and it really did help me avoid the drugs. Thank you Jayne!“ Read more testimonials